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As James Harden prepares to face his former team for the first time since being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, the superstar guard reflected on his eight-year tenure with the Houston Rockets and said that when he enters Houston's Toyota Center on Wednesday night (7:30 ET on ESPN), he hopes to be "received with love."
Sports Team Face Masks

Kings rookie Haliburton ruled out vs. Pistons with sore calf originally appeared on NBC Sports BayareaCleveland Cavaliers face coverings

It is unknown if Dinwiddie will be able to return this season. The Nets have said in the past that it would be unlikely.Boston Celtics face coverings

So it was a bit of a surprise when Steve Kerr called to let him know that Golden State was recalling him for the team's final two games before the NBA All-Star break.

Murray has finally kicked it into overdrive after a slow start to the season. That includes an outstanding 55 FPPG average over his last four games, and you could argue that Murray is underpriced relative to his current form. Tonight’s matchup vs. Washington should bring out the best in him, as the Wizards rank first in pace and 24th in defensive efficiency to point guards. Go ahead and roster the Denver floor general with confidence!Sacramento Kings face coverings

“Like Lebron’s doing, you can extend your career out into your late 30s. And I expect Klay and Steph and Draymond to do just that, and play at a very high level, in their mid-to-late 30s,” he said.

Asked this week if his team is willing to spend into the tax to field a championship team, Grousbeck hinted that, given the absence of fans over the past year, the team would prefer to stay out of the tax this season. That’s somewhat understandable as it would afford the Celtics some additional flexibility in splurging in future years by avoiding stiff repeater penalties.NBA Team LA Clippers face coverings


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